Build your business.  Overcome challenges and seize growth opportunities

Our C-Suite Growth Services are tailored to enable you to achieve your biggest C-suite goals.  Whether it's developing overwhelming reasons why a top decision maker should speak with your firm, through to turning around a client relationship that is not as healthy as needed or developing a thought leadership strategy to put and keep your firm top-of-mind. 

Our C-Suite Growth Services include:  

C-suite relevant workshop™:  Your clients and potential clients are savvy professionals, they can find out all they want about your (and your competitors) products & services from an online search, so in their minds there is no need to contact you, and if they do contact you it will be when they are too far down their buying process for you to be able to effectively demonstrate your value.  The C-suite relevant workshop™ is a deep-dive to answer questions such as:  Why should a CEO speak with you?  How is your firm going to help your potential client's strategy be successfully implemented over the coming 2 / 3 years? How might your firm help your potential client achieve non-linear growth?What’s your firms viewpoint on their business and their drivers for success? How do they need to evolve and what are the potential inhibitors that may prevent them from evolving?  This is an essential early step for any firm wanting to be access the C-suite. 

Thought leadership: Being top-of-mind in the C-suites in your market is essential for long-term success.  The most effective means to achieve this is through a well implemented thought leadership strategy that demonstrates how your products &/or services are uniquely qualified to serve your clients. We will define your unique points of expertise, develop your thought leadership marketing plan and write your white papers that can be used in marketing and for C-level awareness building.

Marketplace perception survey: We speak with decision makers in your customer orgainisations and also in your wider marketplace.  These conversations provide rich and valuable insights into how your firm is perceived and whether it is seen as a true business partner or not.  This helps inform how you can fine-tune how your offerings are positioned, your thought leadership and C-suite influencing approaches.

Assessment services:  Our assessment services provide valuable insights into the capabilities and behaviours of individuals.  These in turn help better understand development needs if they are to be truly effective in the C-suite.

Pre- and post- C-suite meeting coaching:  You've got to get it right when you have a C-Suite meeting, because you are not going to be offered a second chance.  Our coaching can help ensure you and your team have a successful outcome.

Leader coaching:  Personalised 1-2-1 executive coaching for those leading their firm's C-suite approaches.  It's designed to help you further improve your own and your team's performance.

Turnaround: There are times when things don’t go as expected.  Perhaps you thought you were a preferred supplier but then aren’t asked to submit a proposal for a new piece of work. We will get to the root-cause of what went wrong and define steps to take to turn the situation around.

In addition, our seminars and conference speeches provide practical tools and insights that enhance abilities.