Make bold moves.  Together we accelerate your C-suite success

Our C-Suite Accelerator Partnership focuses on increasing the number of C-suite meetings you have in your marketplace.

We agree the target new client list then work together as implement our 4-step C-Suite Accelerator Partnership methodology.

Credible - Step 1: We define your firms unique points of expertise and ensure they are top-of-mind in the C-suites of their marketplace.

Compelling - Step 2: We jointly develop overwhelming reasons why their target CEO should meet with them.  This is about answering questions such as "How is your firm going to help your potential client's strategy be successfully implemented over the coming 2 / 3 years?",  "What barriers do they face in their marketplace?", "How might your firm help them achieve exponential growth?"

Connect - Step 3: Our proven process to secure meetings with the C-suite executives will help reinforce your market positioning.

Convince - Step 4: We develop your teams "soft" capabilities to enhance their effectiveness in C-suite meetings.

The C-Suite Accelerator Partnership methodology is tailored to each clients situation, for example a global leader in a marketplace may be able to secure easy access to the C-suites in their marketplace so it may only be necessary to invest time in steps 1 to 4, whereas for a other firms all 4 steps may be relevant.

We act as your guides, coaches and consultants during the period of the partnership. Our fees for the C-Suite Accelerator Partnership are biased towards success.